Siracusa Lemon PGI

It has at least 34% of juice, its fine-grained zest contains top-quality essential oils, it’s rich in Vitamin C and citric acid. Siracusa Lemon PGI has been widely appreciated for its superior quality by the most demanding consumers for more than a century. Most of our production is harvested between October and May, when the juice, oils and taste reach their highest intensity.

Harvest in September-May, fruit weight > 100 g, light green to yellow peel, few seeds, juice yield > 34 %, acidity > 5.5 %, degree Brix > 7°.

Harvest in April-June, fruit weight > 100 g, light yellow peel, few seeds, juice yield > 25%, acidity > 5 %, degree Brix > 6.5°.

Harvest in July-September, fruit weight > 100 g, green peel, few seeds, juice yield > 20%, acidity > 4.5 %, degree Brix > 6°.

Each season gives lemons its peculiar aroma. But quality remains the same. Each fruit is grown with organic farming methods and is picked by expert hands, cut at the stalk with tiny scissors that are specifically made for this purpose. Today we still rely on old techniques as for pruning, fertilization and irrigation in order to keep traditions alive and protect our methods, since we know that the market is characterized by a mass of products with no specific identity nor a bond with their land of origin.

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