Our Farm

The consortium of farmers Campisi Italia was created to make the most out of synergy and specialisation: these are crucial in order to meet future challenges in a market that is becoming more and more demanding and competitive. The consortium originates from a family tradition that was started in 1950 by the Campisi family in the countryside around Siracusa, a territory rich in high-quality typical products. Today, it aggregates producers belonging to the Campisi family and the cooperative of Leone farmers. Campisi Italia is considered, both in Italy and abroad, a specialist in growing Siracusa Lemon PGI from organic certified farming. We hold 450 hectares of lemon groves that stretch in a first-choice area, and we make constant investments in innovation. The most abundant variety of lemons is the Femminello siracusano, an excellent lemon with unique characteristics that was awarded the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) by the European Community. In recent years, other varieties were introduced: Fino and Verna, in order to provide mass retailers with our lemons all year round without interruptions.
Campisi Italia works with the most prestigious groups operating on a large-scale distribution in Germany, Austria, the UK, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania. We have an equipped 6,500 sq. metre pack house with processing lines, machineries, refrigerating rooms and packaging systems. Our logistics is a comprehensive one, including shipping to Northern Italy and the whole of Europe in compliance with the cold chain. The company is certified according to: the method of organic production illustrated in the EC Reg. 834/2007, Bio Suisse, Global Gap, NOP/USDA Organic, BRC IFS, Naturland, Tesco Nurture, Demeter; the Haccp system in order to guarantee healthy and safe products; the system envisaged by Italian law 81/08 for safe machineries and the health of workers. Our ethical certifications are: Sedex, Grasp, SMETA

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