Demeter is the top-quality brand for all products deriving from biodynamic farming, just like it was started by Rudolf Steiner back in 1924.
Certification of organic products in the USA. Organic products in the USA are regulated by a Federal Law called NOP (National Organic Program) enforced by the USDA. In 2012, a mutual equivalence agreement was established between the NOP and the Council Regulation EC 834/07, allowing certified organic products to be exported to the USA in compliance with the European Community regulation.
European Ecolabel. The logo is compulsorily applied on all organic food items pre-packaged in the European Union that comply with the Regulation EC 834/07 about organic farming. All products by Campisi Italia are grown and/or processed with organic farming methods.
Bio Siegel is Germany's label for organic food since 2001. Operators who sell organic products compliant with the Community's norms may apply the Bio Siegel logo on their products. Processed products may bear the Bio Siegel logo only when at least 95% of their ingredients of agricultural origin is from organic farming.
This logo may be applied on organic products compliant with the Community’s norms and marketed in Germany. This trademark is requested within very selective commercial networks. Production standards respected by Naturland are stricter than those envisaged by the European norms and also include social responsibility requirements.
SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a project designed as an online database to help organizations manage data on work practices within the supply chain. Members have an advantage such as the chance of publishing their SMETA audit reports directly on the SEDEX system in order to address all customers. Besides principles contained in the ETI base code, the SMETA service also monitors performance taking into account the right of immigrants to be employed, management systems, implementation and environmental problems.
Good Agricultural Practice. The Global G.A.P. certification is referred to fruit and vegetable producers. Such certification is aimed at assessing the correct application of Good Agricultural Practices through the whole production chain and represents the most widely acknowledged protocol by the main distribution chains at a European and global level today.
An annex to the certification GlobalGAP IFA Fruit and Vegetables, through which the certification body can assess the company’s application of social criteria regarding employees. In such a way, the farm is able to guarantee a monitoring of social practices applied inside its premises – an aspect that large-scale distribution companies take into careful consideration.
The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a global standard specifically designed for agri-food products. The norm is aimed at helping suppliers and sellers operating on a large-scale distribution to ensure quality and safety of food products.
Bioagricert was the first independent technical body dedicated to the control and certification of organic agri-food productions. It was acknowledged by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy as a National Body authorized to control agri-food products from organic farming in compliance with the Reg. EEC n° 2092/91.
The IFS - International Food Standard is a certification equivalent to the BRC issued by the most renowned companies operating in the distribution through large scale in Germany, France and Italy. Both standards include certification audits by third-party bodies. Thanks to the latest editions, both norms have actually come to an alignment, thus facilitating the possibility of joint certification audits.
Bio Suisse is the body that certifies organic products in Switzerland. In order to apply the label "Approved by BIO SUISSE" on organic products exported to Switzerland it is necessary to comply with all the norms prescribed by the Community and further requirements by the Bio Suisse directive, besides receiving an inspection by the control body and following acceptance by the supplier.
Voluntary certification required by British chain Tesco and aimed at protecting the environment and limiting the use of pesticides.
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